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Transform your bathroom with the addition of Daalderop’s exquisite, high-end water heater. Elevate your daily shower to an unparalleled level of luxury and indulgence, all thanks to the quality and craftsmanship of Daalderop.

Established Since 1880 Daalderop Proven Experience and Reputation

In the Netherlands, the Daalderop brand is a guarantee of superior quality. Since 1880, Daalderop electric water heaters have become the company that produces the most advanced water heater products in the world. Daalderop has always been a pioneer of technology and innovation in product development and mechanism. This technical expertise makes Daalderop able to overgrow along with market and consumer changes.

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Daalderop Indonesia presents a range of ELECTRIC WATER HEATER products
that has the highest safety and the highest quality for you to choose according to your requirement

Electric Water Heater

150 L

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Electric Water Heater

120 L

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Electric Water Heater

80 L

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Electric Water Heater

50 L

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Electric Water Heater

30 L

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Electric Water Heater

15 L

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Why Daalderop


Daalderop water heater ensures user safety by using dry ceramic heating elements that are not submerged in water, protecting against electric shock.


Pure copper tube in Daalderop Water Heater assures exceptional durability, eliminates corrosion and rust concerns, and facilitates delivery of clean water.

Save Electricity

Daalderop Water Heater is energy-efficient, saving significant power usage, reducing environmental impact and utility bills, while providing reliable and efficient hot water.


Daalderop’s comprehensive warranty of 8 years for tubes, 5 years for spare parts, and lifetime service, assures outstanding product reliability and customer satisfaction.

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What our clients said about Daalderop Electric Water Heater


Daalderop water heater, once installed, it’s like forever. Just use it at any time without any problems, if you shower like in a hotel, don’t think about the water heater… OK 👍👍👍


Daalderop It’s been good for the past 8 years, there’s never been a problem.

Edward Liliana

The use of Daalderop has a good impression, maximum usage, in accordance with what is promoted, for 5 years there has never been any damage, the marketing is easy to contact, as a customer is satisfied.


Daalderop is very good, efficient, relatively affordable. All my hotels use Daalderop water heaters, service is very ok, I can give stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Anyway the best & highly recommended. Hopefully more success & many customers.


Daalderop is durable and rarely breaks down.


So far, so good, no problems. The service is also good. There are regular check-ups. So far so top 👍


3 of My house is all Daalderop. From other brands, I changed to Daalderop. So far, no problem, good thing I’m not afraid of electric shock either, hehe. Thank you Daalderop.


While using Daalderop products for about 3-4 years there are no problems whatsoever, according to my expectations. The service is very good and I visit Daalderop customers on a regular basis. 👍👍


Ok so far, service is also fast and satisfying.


Daalderop is good and the heat is maximized.


In the 6 years that I’ve been using it, I haven’t had any problems and it’s been stable. It doesn’t need much maintenance either.

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