Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Daalderop manufactured?
Daalderop products are manufactured in the Netherlands

How many varieties does Daalderop come in?
Daalderop is available in 6 capacities, which are 15L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 120L, 150L.

Why is Daalderop knows as the safest water heater there is?
Daalderop is the only water heater which uses dry ceramic element which has no direct contact with water in the tank because it is protected inside an element assembly. Thus, there is no risk of electrocution

Does each bathroom require 1 unit of water heater?
Depending on the installation system. If the installation system is not centralized, each bathroom would need 1 unit of Daalderop heaters. With centralized installation system, one house can use only 1 unit of Daalderop heaters, depending on the size of the house and the distance between each bathroom. With centralized installation system, you would save on the cost of purchasing Daalderop and lower electricity costs.

What needs to be done when there is a sudden increase in the need of hot water, such as family/friends visiting?
Daalderop  is equipped with TURBO/DUO ELEMENT system, which can be turned on manually to increase the heating process. This function will automatically switch off after 2 hours.


Who do I need to contact if I have any inquiries/problems with my Daalderop heaters?
Customers may contact our nearest offices/agents. Please refer to Contact Us page on this website.

How do I order spareparts for Daalderop?
Customers may contact our nearest offices/agents. Please refer to Contact Us page on this website. All spareparts for Daalderop  are ready stock.

What if I want to purchase Daalderop but there is no office/agent close to my location?
Customers may contact our headquarters in Surabaya.

What is the service fee if I have a complaint?
Daalderop provides complimentary service for 8 years.

What items are required to complete Daalderop installation.
For every unit purchased, customers will get free accessories, such as bracket, valves, flexible, dynabolts, plug, and 2 meter cable. Daalderop can be installed right after the inlet and outlet are ready.

Where is usually Daalderop installed?
Daalderop is ideally installed hung on the wall using the bracket that has been provided. If this is not possible, our technician would find an alternative for you.

Does Daalderop require routine service?
Daalderop does not need routine service. However, we can provide Free Service Visit upon customer’s request, as long as the warranty is still valid.

Do I need to turn Daalderop off when it’s not used?
No. Once it reaches 85 degree celcius, the electrical consumption automatically become 0 Watt.

How long does it take to install Daalderop?
Daalderop installation is very easy and will only take 2-3 hours.

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Telephone. 031 – 734 7034, 031 – 734 7035, 031 – 734 7085
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