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04 June 2020  /  Usefull Tips

Don't Just Buy a Water Heater, Pay Attention to the Following Items!

Don't Just Buy a Water Heater, Pay Attention to the Following Items!

Water heater or water heater is a necessity when the rainy season arrives. Using hot water for bathing during the rainy season can help the body boost the immune system again. But for some ordinary people, still do not understand how to choose the best water heater. As a result, obstacles often arise when using a water heater. Here are tips you need to consider when you want to buy a water heater, so you know how the best water heater for you and your family.

Type of water heater

Most electric water heaters consume a lot of electrical energy, but not with Daalderop, because Daalderop is the best water heater that helps you save on electricity costs. By using the best water heater, you do not need to bother to replace the gas cylinder or be surprised by a soaring electricity bill.

Residential location

Residential location also influences the selection of the type of water heater. If you live in a high-temperature city, the water heating process will not take long. For those of you who live in the highlands, the water heating process will take longer. But not with Daalderop. The best water heater will not take long to heat water. that's why Daalderop can be relied upon for the needs of Malang water heaters and Bandung water heaters with low temperature temperatures.


The indicator on the best water heater ranges from 0.5 to 2.0. The higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater is. All the energy saving needs of the best water heater you can get at Daalderop.


Daalderop which is the best water heater can produce more warm water with a ratio of 1: 6. In other words, the capacity of 120 liters of Daalderop water heaters can produce 720L of warm water. When it reaches a maximum temperature of 85C, the electric consumption of the Daalderop electric water heater automatically becomes 0 watts. Daalderop has the best selection of water heaters with various capacities, ranging from 15 liters to 150 liters. That's why Daalderop is claimed to be the best water heater

If you plan to use your old water heater to be the best water heater, don't need to hesitate to come directly to Daalderop water heater Surabaya. Daalderop, water heater Surabaya is the best water heater that you can use for all household needs. Daalderop, water heater Surabaya is the best water heater that is safe to use for families. Besides that Daalderop, water heater Surabaya is the best water heater with official outlets that you can also find in various regions in Indonesia, namely water heater Malang, water heater Semarang, water heater Bandung, and water heater Bali.

You can also visit the official website to buy the best water heater, Daalderop at www.daalderop.id, our official Facebook at daalderoppemanasair and our official Instagram account at daalderoppemanasair. Or you can visit the best water heater Daalderop's official outlets that sell the best water heaters in major cities in Indonesia. You can also order directly through market places like Tokopedia Daalderop or Shopee Daalderop. Everything you need about the best water heater quality for you and your family, is at Daalderop.

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